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Complimentary Financial Plan
We will gather some information from you in order to create a customized financial plan that will meet your current and future needs and provide Strategies Offering Solutions. The plan is yours to keep, no strings attached. If you know others that could also benefit from our expertise we will be very happy to assist them too.
Best Protection
A financial plan is critical in today's trying times. This review often results in significant savings to you while also providing you with better protection.
Professional Advisor
All of our Advisors are required to be licensed in Ontario and to continue their financial education throughout their careers. Our knowledge, expertise, and experience are all focused on building you a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Welcome to your S.O.S Financial Group Agency

Our Advisors pride themselves on tailoring a custom complimentary protection/savings plan for the individuals, families, and businesses we meet with.

As this video produced by CBC shows, often what seems like a great deal is not the best solution, even when it is sold by a trusted financial institution. We will be diligent in finding you the best options that actually do meet your specific needs.

Don't delay make an appointment today to review your current plan or to create a new one.

Beware Mortgage Insurance
Most people do not understand that their biggest asset is their ability to earn an income. Proper Life, Disability, and Critical Illness Insurance coverages protect your family or business from hardship and are often more affordable than you may think.
savings plan
Saving for short-term goals like a vacation or emergency fund, or building up wealth in long-term savings for retirement, require planning. We have solutions, concepts, and products that will assist you in meeting these goals, all of which are yours to keep in YOUR customized and complimentary financial plan.
debt reduction
Debt Reduction Plans
Recent studies have shown that people are living from paycheque to paycheque and are struggling with the increased cost of living and current wages. We can help.

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"Strategies Offering Solutions"